About Us


To assist underprivileged children to study at a higher learning Institution.


Transforming tomorrow’s   leaders today


Initialized by humbled beginnings and engendered by educational, training and developmental transformation for the empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities and its future leaders.


Reaching out to the willing and able and but underprivileged

Introducing the two parties into a mutually beneficially relationship that will permeate the catalyst of change

Our organizational purpose includes being the helping hand to:

  • bringing education to the hungry mind
  • Establishing the relationship for skills development
  • Partnering community based initiatives and projects
  • Establishing in collaboration with local communities in new venture creations
  • Yet not limited to.

We foresee that through our combined efforts, the possibility of eradicating poverty, finding the equilibrium of unbalanced social scales.

Ensuring that today’s hard efforts and endeavors become a sustainable solution of tomorrow whereby every household cannot just have a plate of food by chance but a sustainable solution supported by humble beginnings of the true definition of Ubuntu supported by education, skills and knowledge the tool that pioneers a brighter sustainable solution for tomorrow.